12. Last Battle (Dragon Quest 3 – Walkthrough) [DQ3]


To go to the Zoma castle, you must use the rainbow drop. If you don’t have it, obtain the sunstone, staff of rain, and sacred amulet and then go to the south shrine of the Rimuldar.


The last boss Zoma is tough. If you don’t have the sphere of light, you might want to get it in the castle of the Dragon Queen. The sphere is to weaken Zoma.


West Cape of Rimuldar

Use Rainbow Drop at the edge of the west cape of Rimuldar, and then the bridge is built.




Zoma’s Castle

1. Enter Zoma’s castle.
2. Defeat two stone statues three times after being locked in the room in front of the throne room.
3. Check in the back of the throne. If so, you can find stairs to go down.
4. An event happens.
5. Defeat King Hydra, Soul of Baramos, and Bones of Baramos
6. Defeat Zoma. When you use the sphere of light, It weakens Zoma.


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