DQ3 Item List – Dragon Quest 3


Dragon Quest III

This is the item list of the Dragon Quest 3 smartphone version.

Item List

  • Regular Items
  • Keys
  • Orbs
  • Important Items
  • Books
  • Seeds


Regular Items

Item Price Effect
Medicinal Herb 8 Restore about 30 HP
Antidotal Herb 10 Cure poison.
Moonwort Bulb 30 Cure paralysis.
Holy Water 20 Keep weaker monsters away from you
Chimaera Wing 25 Let you travel instantly back to anywhere you(ve visited before.
Dieamend Takes the hit for you in you ever get struck by a death-inducing enchantment.
Coagulant Inflicts confusion.
Yggdrasil Leaf Revives a KO’d ally.
Prayer Ring 2,500 Restore about 20 MP. It has a habit of breaking when you do.




Item Note
Thief’s Key Opens certain special kinds of doors.
Magic Key Opens certain special kinds of doors.
Ultimate Key Opens certain special kinds of doors.




Item Note
Green Orb Event Item
Red Orb Event Item
Blue Orb Event Item
Purple Orb Event Item
Silver Orb Event Item
Yellow Orb Event Item



Important Items

Item Note
Night Light Turns night into day. No matter how many times you use it, it won’t run out.
Lyre of Ire Brings monsters running from miles around
Mini Medal Exchanges items
Words of Wisdom Needs when change your job to Sage.
Bottomless Pot Uses it in front of the shallow when going to sea bottom shrine.
Ra’s Mirror Uses it in front of the fake Manoza King.
Faerie Flute Inflicts sleep
Wrecking Ball Uses it in front of the wall on the first basement floor in the Aliahan east cave.
Royal Missive Letter from the King of Portoga to that dwarf Nordy. Uses it in front of the dwarf.
Dreamstone Secret Faerie Villages treasure. Return it to the Faerie’s Queen.
Wakey dust Use it in Norvik
Black Pepper Pass it to the King of Portoga.
Echo Flute Reacts to the presense of orbs.
Mod Rod Change your appearance. Required to receive the Boatman’s Bone.
Boatman’s Bone Required to find ghost ship on the east Romalia sea.
Locket of Love Use it on the sea near the Olivia Cape.
Sunstone Required to make the Rainbow Drop.
Staff of Rain Required to make the Rainbow Drop.
Sacred Amulet Required to make the Rainbow Drop. Hero can equip it.
Sage’s stone Restores about 80 HP to all party members. 
Adventurer’s Map Sees World Map
Sphere of Light Weakens Zoma




Item Effect
Being a Better Person Good egg
Tears before Bedtime Spoilt brat
Primm’s Primer Princess
The Eureka Moment Genius
Diary of a Hardman Meathead
The Champion’s Code Paragon
Loving Living: A Grinner’s Guide Happy camper
The Girl’s Own Annual Tomboy
The Saddest Story Ever Told Crybaby
Leap Before You Look Daredevil
Fail is a Four-Letter Word Sore loser
Look, No Pants! Clown
Would I Lie to You? Slippery devil




Item Effect
Seed of Strength Supplements your strength.
Seed of Agility Improves your agility.
Seed of Resilience Makes yourself tougher.
Seed of Wisdom Makes yourself wiser.
Seed of Luck Makes yourself luckier.
Seed of Life Increases your maximum HP.
Seed of Magic Increases your maximum MP.



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