[DQ3] Pyramid (Map) – Dragon Quest 3




A Nothing
B Nothing
C Cannibox
D Cannibox
E Nothing
F Nothing
G Cannibox
H Mini Medal
I Golden Claws
J Seed of Wisdom
K Seed of Resilience
L Magic Key
M 176G
N Chimera Wing
O Seed of Strength
P 80G
Q Seed of Agility
R 112G
S Magical Skirt
T 304G
U Ruby Wristband
V 56G
W Mini Medal
X Ten Ton Toupee
Y Garish Garb
Z Mini Medal
How to get Magic KeyExit > 1 > 5
1. Push the button δ.
2. Push the button α, and then open the gate.
3. Obtain Magic Key.

・You can open the magic door when you bring the magic key.
・Be careful that enemies appear at every step in the pyramid after getting the golden claw.


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