[DQ3] How to defeat Baramos under level 19 [Dragon Quest 3]


[DQ3] How to defeat Baramos under level 19 [Dragon Quest 3]

All party members that are under level 19 defeated Baramos.


My strategy is as below.



The important things are HP and the preparation. Firstly, the more HP, the better. So, we recommend that all members’ personality is tough cookie. The personality increases the resilience the best. Secondly, buy a snooze stick in advance. You can buy it in the hidden village of Faeries at the west Norvik. If you change your appearance to Norm or slime using a mod rod, you can buy the stick there. Go there at once after defeating Boss troll.



About Baramos

Baramos recovers 100 HP every turn. Snooze, Fizzle, Sap, and Dazzle rarely works.




At first, we need to prepare for the battle. Get Baramos to sleep no matter how. So, use the Snooze spell or snooze stick. If you use them a few times, Baramos gets to sleep. After getting it to sleep, you use Fizzle, Sap, and Dazzle. These spells work permanently. Baramos uses the spell of Kaboom. As you already know, the spell causes heavy damage for all party members. You’d better prevent Baramos from using spells. The attack of Baramos is also heavy. So, it is a good idea to use Dazzle to envelop Baramos in illusions. Don’t forget to use Kabuff and Oomph.

After the preparation, attack Baramos. As I wrote earlier, be careful that Baramos recovers 100 HP every turn. So, we need to take Baramos over 100 damages every turn. Not to mention, the more, the better. Also, Baramos spits out flames so that we need to recover the party’s HP.



Party Members

In more detail, check the below video in which I defeated Baramos. FYI.

Warrior: Lv18
Warrior: Lv15
Hero: Lv18
Sage: Lv18


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