[DQ3] Soul of Baramos – Dragon Quest 3


Soul of Baramos - Dragon Quest 3


Warning: contains spoilers

The article contains spoilers of the Dragon Quest 3. We explain how to defeat the Soul of Baramos in this page.

Soul of Baramos

The soul of Baramos sometimes attacks one, two, or three times every turn. It casts a Kaboom spell. Also, It attacks normally and belches blistering flames. The soul of Baramos attacks fiercely. But, its HP is only 1100. Unlike Baramos, it does not have every turn restore HP system.

You should defeat the soul of Baramos at once. Use an Oomph and Sap spell. To reduce flame damages, It is a good idea to equip Auroral Armour, Dragon Mail, Shimmering Dress, Dragon Robe, Flowing Dress, Dragon Shield, and Hero’s Shield.


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