4. Getting Ship (Dragon Quest 3 – Walkthrough) [DQ3]


4. Getting Ship (Dragon Quest 3 - Walkthrough) [DQ3]

Let’s get your ship after obtaining a magic key. You need to defeat Robbin”Ood twice until then.


You should level them up to defeat Robbin”Ood. If you want to level them up, you might want to buy a Spiked Steel Whip and a Magic Shield and defeat the monsters near Baharata.


Skyfell Tower

1. Go north from Romaria, and then you see the mountain village of Khoryv.
2. Go west from the village and enter the tower.
3. Go up to the top floor, and then the party falls into a pit trap.
4. Go up again, and then nobody there. So the party falls to the edge of the top floor to follow them.
5. Fight Robbin”Ood and Robbin”oodlums.
6. Pick up the King’s Crown.
7. Return the crown to the Romaria King. If you want it, you needn’t pass it to him.
8. If you accept the King’s offer, the hero becomes the King / Queen. Find the King on the basement floor of Romaria town if you want to resume your adventure.

Map – Skyfell Tower

Boss – Robbin”Ood (1st)



1. Go north from Khoryv and enter the town of Norvik.
2. All the people that you see there are cursed to sleep by faeries. So, you have to find the dreamstone in the cave. The cave is located at the west of the town.
3. Get the dreamstone on the bottom floor of the cave.
4. Return the stone to the Faery Queen and receive the wakey dust.
5. Go back to Norvik and use the dust.

PointThis event is optional. There is no need to go.

Map – West Cave of Norvik


Getting your ship

1. Go northeast from Baharata and enter the cave you see.
2. Go in the very back and Fight Robbin”oodlums.
3. Open the cell using the lever on the wall.
4. After saving them, fight Robbin”Ood and Robbin”oodlums.
5. Go back to Baharata.
6. Talk to the man and receive black pepper.
7. Pass black pepper to the Portoga king and get the ship.

Map – Northeast Cave of Baharata

Boss – Robbin”Ood (2nd)

After getting a ship optional


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