DQ3 Riddles at Cloudsgate Citadel (Zenith Castle) – Dragon Quest 3



Warning: contains spoilers

The article contains spoilers of the Dragon Quest 3. This is for the smartphone version.

Riddle (after Ending)

I’ll explain the riddles at the Cloudsgate Citadel. There’re three questions. You can go back to this castle using Zoom after talking to Zenith. In the above image, he gives you riddles to solve.


1: Theddon

[Riddle 1]
Ohhh, what’s that ‘neath the cross in the sad, shattered town? ‘Tis a glitter, a glister, a star ‘pon the grooound! Shilderal-dilderal-dooo!

Go to the village of Theddon. And then, search under the cross during the day. So, you can obtain the beast claws.



2: Cantlin

[Riddle 2]
Ohhh, a town in a land girt about with the dark… And there, ‘mid the flowers, a treasure, a spaaark! Helderel-daldarall-daaa!

Go to Cantlin and head to the center of the town. Search the upper-right flower inside the house. So, you can get the Dark robe.



3: Lozamii

[Riddle 3]
With his eyes on the skies, the stargazer, replete… With the wonders above, see’th not those at his feeet! Humdaree-dumdaree-hooo!

Go to the lost village of Lozamii located southeast of Aliahan. Enter the scholar’s house and go upstairs. Check his right side and then you’ll get the sage’s stone.


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