10. Alefgard (Dragon Quest 3 – Walkthrough) [DQ3]


After defeating Baramos, you need to go to the world of darkness to defeat the dread load of the underworld – Zoma.


Let’s meet Dragon Queen and then go to the underworld called Alefgard.


Sphere of light at Castle of Dragon Queen

1. Go to the castle of the Dragon Queen, getting on the everbird, Ramia.
2. Talk to the dragon queen and receive the sphere of light.



Great Pit of Giaga

1. Go to the great pit of Giaga near the Baramos castle.
2. Fall down the pit.
3. After going down to the underworld, get on the new ship and go east. You’ll see the Tantegel town.



Sunstone at Tantegel

To go to the Zoma castle, you need the sunstone, the staff of rain, and the sacred amulet.

1. Obtain the sunstone in the Tantegel castle.



Tantegel Cave

All spells neutralize the effect in the cave. Even if you don’t go to the cave, you can defeat Zoma. Despite that, we recommend that you get the hero’s shield in the cave. The shield is the strongest one for hero.

1. Obtain the hero’s sheild in the very back of the cave.



Galen’s house

Even if you don’t go to the house, you can defeat Zoma. There is a harp on the underground.


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