[DQ3] How to defeat Zoma without using Spells [Dragon Quest 3]


[DQ3] How to defeat Zoma without using Spells [Dragon Quest 3]

We can defeat Zoma without using spells.


My strategy is as below.



The important things are HP and the preparation. It is the same as Baramos. Firstly, the more HP, the better. So, we recommend that all members’ personality is tough cookie. The personality increases the resilience the best. Secondly, buy two Sage staffs at the village of the Kol. When you use the staff, you can recover someone’s HP you choose. If you use it, you won’t lose it. You get two of the members to have each staff.

You can obtain the sage’s stone in the Zoma castle. When you use it, all party members recover around 80 HP. Be sure to get the stone.



About Zoma

Last Boss – Zoma always attacks twice. It uses attacks, Kacrackle, the disruptive wave of energy, and cold breath at random.




When you use the Sphere of Light, it weakens Zoma. So, be sure that use it at first.



Attacker & Healer Sage Staff
Attacker & Healer Sage Staff
Healer Sage’s stone

The attacker always attacks Zoma. The healer always uses Sage’s stone. If you don’t need to recover HP, the rest of the members attack Zoma, but if not, use the sage’s staff to recover someone’s HP.

We recommend that the attacker is the highest attack power member and the healer is the highest HP member.



Party Members

In more detail, check the below video in which I defeated Zoma. FYI.

Warrior: Lv.29
Warrior: Lv.26
Warrior: Lv.28
Hero: Lv.28


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