13. After Ending (Dragon Quest 3 – Walkthrough) [DQ3]


13. After Ending (Dragon Quest 3 - Walkthrough) [DQ3]

After the ending, you can go to the Extra Dungeon and fight against Xenlon.



Xenlon is the strongest boss monster. You might want to level up over 40. If you defeat Xenlon within 35 turns at first, your wish shall be granted. They are to bring Ortega back to life or flick through a Copy of Guns ‘n’ Buns. At the second time, you need to defeat Xenlon within 25 turns.

First try 35 turns
Second try 25 turns
Third try 15 turns


Bonus Dungeon

  1. Go to the castle of the Dragon Queen.
  2. Enter the Extra Dungeon 1 from the upper side. See below GIF animation.
  3. Go through the cave.
  4. Enter the Cloudsgate Citadel.
  5. Solve three riddles in the right room.
  6. Go downstairs at the bottom of the hall.
  7. Go up the Extra Dungeon 2.
  8. Talk to Xenlong and defeat it.

Extra Dungeon 1 (Map)

Riddles (Cloudsgate Citadel)

Extra Dungeon 2 (Map)


DQ3 Extra Dungeon


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