Recommended Quest Route Guide for the First Playthrough: Romancing SaGa -Minstrel Song- Remastered


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Warning: contains spoilers

The article contains spoilers of Romancing Saga Minstrel Song Remastered.

Recommended Quest Route Guide for the First Playthrough

By completing the quests in the following order, you can enjoy the first playthrough of this game to the fullest.

Progression Rank Quest Note
0 Unsettling Settlement
0 Innkeeper’s Daughter
A Suspecious Demise
0 Wuhan’s Secret
0 Free the Gecklings
0 Ancient Texts
0 Plain Treasure
3 Pride of the Knights
3 Raid on the Depository
4 The Fiends of Saoki
6 Neville’s Request
(An Unlucky Woman) Diamond (Fatestone)

The boss “Schirach” is quite difficult to defeat in the first playthrough, so it is recommended to skip. If you complete the quest halfway, you can continue it in the second playthrough. So, it is recommended to defeat Schirach in the second playthrough or later.

6 Stolen Nymphs
A Bodyguard for Louie
8 Eule Gives a Hoot
8 Oh, Mummy!
8 Test of Courage
8 Creepy Butterfly
8 (Valhalland Monsters) Omit this quest if Progression Rank is 9 or greater.
9-13 Ailing Emperor Moonstone (Fatestone)
9 Pirate Invasion Defeat the Pirates in Melvir Sewer and report to the Guard. This quest cannot be completed at this time, but will be addressed again at Progression Rank 14.
9 Constance Kidnapped
11 (Find the Aquamarine) Aquamarine (Fatestone)

If you want Mirsa’s Armor, do not accept this quest. Aquamarine can be obtained without accepting this quest.

11 The Soulgutter Proceed with this quest halfway.
11 Return of the Vampires Getting the Chalice here will make the game easier.
11 Isle of Evil Emerald (Fatestone)
12 The Assassins’ Guild Jewel Beast is a difficult boss to defeat in the first playthrough, so it is recommended to skip it.
12 Water Dragon Rite You may defeat it if you want to obtain the Mirror Shield. If you defeat this boss at this point, you will not be able to obtain “Water Spirit“.

It is good idea to choose “How selfish” when you talk to Strom.

14 The Mine Assaulted You should level up your Battle skills by fighting enemies in the mine, or earn Gold by collecting gold from Gold Dragon.
14 Pirate Invasion Finish this quest because the next part of this quest will occur when I enter Melvir.
14 Silver’s Treasure Opal (Fatestone)
14 The Soulgutter Clear this quest at this point. It is fine if I do not clear it.
14 (Galahad) You can obtain Ice Sword by defeating Galahad or by recruiting him after receiving the quest “Ignigarde“.
17 The Underwater Temple Black Diamond (Fatestone)
18 Theodore’s Madness Ruby (Fatestone)
18 The Dragon Knight If you want to obtain Mirsa’s Armor, you must not meet Neidhart. 

If you have met Neidhart before and he is not a party member, another event will occur where Neidhart defeats the dragon knight. In that case, the battle with “Minion” will not occur and you cannot obtain the Mirsa’s Armor. If your main character is Albert or Aisha, you always end up meeting Neidhart. If so, he is in your party, he never fight against the Dragon Knight.

18 Faerie’s Grove This quest is available at any time, so you can accept it before this point.
20 A Tale of Death
The Netherworld
This is one of the Final Trial. Defeating Galahad and getting Ice Sword will increase the likelihood of this event happening.
20 Heros and Gods at War This is one of the Final Trial. The more Fatestones you collect, the higher the chances of this event occurring.
20 Giants and Auldburg This is one of the Final Trial. If you do not meet the above two conditions, the chances of this event occurring instead will increase.
20 Monster of Mt.Tomae
Ice Sword
Plant Ecology
Don’t forget to collect Fire Spirit on the 4th basement of the dungeon. If you’ve accepted quest “Faerie’s Grove“, the treasure chest containing Fire Spirit will appear. Give him Ice Sword in exchange for Ignigarde.
20 Ignigarde
20 Beast Ecology
20 The Cyclone Shoes Make sure to collect Earth Spirit on the 5th basement of the dungeon.
20 Insect Ecology
20 The Raincloud Armlet If you don’t pick up Water Spirit at this point, you will never be able to enter the part of the Water Dragon Temple again. Make sure to get it.
20 Aquatic Ecology
20 Faerie’s Grove The protagonist’s maximum LP and turn-based BP will increase. Collect all five spirits and offer them to the pedestal.
20 Plant Ecology
Beast Ecology
Insect Ecology
Aquatic Ecology
Finish these quests all.
22 Frozen Lake Faerie
22 Missing Taralians Topaz (Fatestone)

It is recommended to clear the quest with Frozen Lake Faerie. If you have used the Holy Grail, you should also recover your BP.

22 Frosthold Fortress Obsidian Sword (Fatestone)
22 The Mine Assaulted
22 Face Saruin Once you have learned the location of the final boss “Saruin” from one of the Final Trial, you can fight the boss at any time.
Progression Rank

To prevent Progression Rank from increasing, avoid combat with enemies as much as possible.