Faerie’s Grove: Romancing Saga Minstrel Song Remastered

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Warning: contains spoilers

The article contains spoilers of Romancing Saga Minstrel Song Remastered.

Faerie’s Grove

Progression Rank
Requirement If you’ve ever had Barbara as a party member, Faerie’s Grove will randomly appear somewhere in the world.
Rewards Faerie’s Crown
  1. Enter Faerie’s Grove.
  2. See the pedestal in the square at the far right of the forest.
  3. Leave Faerie’s Grove and then re-enter the area from another town or dungeon. The pedestal will be glowing now.
  4. The pedestal is glowing.
  5. Collect the five spirits.
  6. After collecting five spirits, go back to Faerie’s Grove.
  7. Examine the five pedestals in the fairy forest in order and offer the spirits.
  8. Finally, examine the monument in the center of the forest.
  9. Obtain Faerie’s Crown and jewels. In addition, the maximum LP of the main character is increased by 2, and the amount of BP recovery per turn is increased by 1.


Location of Five Spirits

Fire Spirit Mt. Tomae Treasure Chest at the fourth basement.
Water Spirit Water Dragon Temple Treasure Chest at the third basement.
Earth Spirit Great Pit Treasure Chest at the fifth basement.
Wood Spirit Mazewood Treasure Chest
Gold Spirit Faerie’s Grove Talk to a faery after obtaining other four spirits.

You can easily see the location of these spirits by watching the above video.