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Warning: contains spoilers

The article contains spoilers of Romancing Saga Minstrel Song Remastered.

Frosthold Fortress

Progression Rank 22
Requirement Complete the quest “Frozen Lake Faerie"
Rewards Jewels
Memo Note that having Death bring an old friend back to life will reduce the main character’s maximum LP by 1.
  1. Go to the Netherworld and talk to Death.
  2. Ask him to bring your friend back to life.
  3. After reviving your friend, Death will provide you with information about Frosthold Fortress.
  4. Go to Frosthold Fortress through Frozen Lake.
  5. Red Mage will be found just after you enter Frosthold Fortress. If your party has less than 4 members, you can join him.
  6. Proceed to the back of the castle, where you will face a boss battle.
  7. Defeat the boss and obtain the Obsidian Sword and Jewel.
  8. After leaving Frosthold Fortress with the Obsidian Sword, an event will trigger.
  9. Choose “In your dream!" and defeat Minion Spite.
About Frosthold Fortress

As you run past the candles nearby, their flame color changes from red to green to blue. Matching the flame colors of the candles will open the corresponding door. Once the doors are opened, changing the color of the flame will not close them again.