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Warning: contains spoilers

The article contains spoilers of Romancing Saga Minstrel Song Remastered.

A Bodyguard for Louie

Progression Rank 6-
Requirement The event “Raid on the Depository" is not in progress.
The event “Stolen Nymphs" is in progress.
Rewards 1000 Gold
  1. Speak to Marina, who can be found at the docks of each coastal town.
  2. Move to Aurefont.
  3. Talk to Louie and accept the offer.
  4. After that, you and Louie will automatically go to the Temple of Yucomb in Melvir and stay at the inn.
  5. An event takes place in the temple the next day.
  6. Go to North Estamir and talk with the pub master.
  7. Enter the Estamir Tunnels and follow Marina.
  8. Defeat enemies.
  9. Move to North Point automatically and the quest will be completed.