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Warning: contains spoilers

The article contains spoilers of Romancing Saga Minstrel Song Remastered.

Neville’s Request

Progression Rank 6-
Requirement Complete the quest “A Suspecious Demise" or “Raid on the Depository"
The event will not occur if Gian is in your party.
Gray’s talked with Gian in Melvir if Gray is the main character.
Claudia’s seen Gray if she is the main character.
Rewards 5000 Gold
  1. Go to Melvir.
  2. See the notice at the pub in Melvir.
  3. Enter the Elizabeth Palace.
  4. Talk to Neville in the room on the east side of the palace.
  5. Choose “Rescue Gian."
  6. Enter the Monica’s house in Loban.
  7. Talk to Monica.
  8. Answer “Rain from Eurus."
  9. Answer “Neville."
  10. Go into the house of the resistance in Loban and talk to the man.
  11. Choose “I’m not going anywhere."
  12. Choose “I don’t take orders from kids!"
  13. Check the cupboard and find the entrance to the basement. Fight the man who was talking to you.
  14. Go down to the basement.
  15. Check the wall. Then, you and Gian will fall into a pit and fall down to a cave.
  16. Talk with Gian. If you have less than four party members, Gian will join your party.
  17. Defeat the enemies at the back of the cave.
  18. After escaping, you and Gian went separate ways.
  19. Enter Monica’s house and you will be rewarded.