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Warning: contains spoilers

The article contains spoilers of Romancing Saga Minstrel Song Remastered.

Giants and Auldburg

Progression Rank 20-22
Requirement You have not accepted the quest “Face Saruin."
Note Note that in the Ettinham, you cannot shop until you talk to the Elder. Once you’ve spoken to the elder, the location of Saruin will be revealed, and you won’t be able to get information from the Minstrel about the other three locations. Additionally, even if the location is given, the Trials of Elore will be impossible to complete.
Related Quest Face Saruin
  1. Once your Progression Rank reaches 20, talk to Minstrel at the Bar.
  2. Minstrel will tell you the location of one of the three places: Trials of Elore (Steppes of Galessa), The Netherworld (Mt. Tomae), and Ettinham (Auldburg).
  3. Talk to a boy in Uso to get information about a castle east of the village after you heard about Ettinham (Auldburg)
  4. Head to Auldburg.
  5. In Auldburg, rotate the statues to face each other, and a door will open.
  6. Fight the bosses “Castle Guardian" on the 2nd and 3rd floors.
  7. After defeating three Castle Guardians, you can go to the Ettinham.
  8. Proceed from the well at the far right in Auldburg to reach the Ettinham.
  9. In Ettinham, the Elder will tell you about Saruin’s whereabouts.
How to know Ettinham (Auldburg)

If you purchase some spells in temples other than Elore’s, Grace values for Elore, Saruin, Death, and Schirach are reduced. Then, the Minstrel may tell you about Ettinham.