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Warning: contains spoilers

The article contains spoilers of Romancing Saga Minstrel Song Remastered.

An Unlucky Woman

Progression Rank 2-
The Progression Rank of 19 or higher is required to successfully complete this quest.
Requirement This quest becomes available for players with a Progression Rank of 2 or higher.
Rewards Diamond
  1. Head to the Pub in town and initiate a conversation with the man who is talking to Schiele.
  2. Afterward, also speak with the pub’s master.
  3. Advancing your Progression Rank by two levels will trigger Schiele’s appearance at the pubs in different towns.
  4. Engage in conversations with Schiele in each of these towns.
  5. Each time you increase your Progression Rank by 2, Schiele will appear at a pub in a different town, and you can talk to her.
  6. Repeat this process. (Watching the above video is easy to understand that.)
  7. When you talk to Schiele at the pub in the 12th town, you’ll be drawn into a battle against Minion of Saruin. Defeat the minion.
  8. Elevate your Progression Rank to 19 or higher. Proceed to the underground passage in North Estamil and enter the Temple of Schirach.
  9. From there, access the Palace of Darkness.
  10. Defeat Schirach, who can be found at the back of the palace.
  11. Following the defeat of Schirach, choose the appropriate option during your conversation with Schiele: “Wait!" and “Give her the Diamond."
  12. This action will lead to Schiele appearing at the Pub in each town and subsequently joining your party.