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Warning: contains spoilers

The article contains spoilers of Romancing Saga Minstrel Song Remastered.

The Dragon Knight

Progression Rank 18-22
Requirement This quest can be started when completing the quest “Theodore’s Madness
Rewards Tempeler’s Shield
(Mirsa’s Armor)
(Dragon’s Eye)
Vortex “The Dragon"
1. Paralyze Thrust (Front)
2. Hawk Blade (Middle)
3. Id Break (Rear)
1. Paralyze Thrust (Front)
2. Submission (Middle)
3. Id Break (Rear)
1. Charge (Front)
2. Cutting Lunge (Middle)
3. Running Slash (Rear)
1. Upper Smash (Front)
2. Vandalize (Middle)
3. Upper Smash (Rear)
1. Vandalize (Front)
2. Upper Smash (Middle)
3. Vandalize (Rear)
1. Earth Dragon
2. Spin Thrust
3. One-Two-Three
1. One-Two-Three
2. Blitz
3. Time Lapse
1. Blitz
2. Cut Timber
3. Blitz
1. One-Two-Three
2. Spin Thrust
3. Leaf Shaker
  1. Ensure that there are no more than four party members.
  2. An event will occur when you go to Eugenstadt Castle Great Hall.
  3. Talk to Heinrich.
  4. Choose “Of course!" Then, Raphael joins your party and reveal the location of the Drachenvale.
  5. Proceed to the end of the Drachenvale.
  6. Fight against the dragon knight in the Dragon’s Court. 
  7. Obtain the Templar’s Shield and a Jewel after the battle.
About Vortex “The Dragon"

The battle against the dragon knight ends when you perform the vortex “The Dragon".


First, specify the order of action during the battle. The vortex “The Dragon" can be triggered by using skills in the order of “The Dragon," specifying the sequence of actions: front guard, middle guard, and rear guard. If you are not ready, you may run away and prepare.


How to Obtain Mirsa’s Armor


If you want to obtain Mirsa’s Armor, you must not meet Neidhart. 

If you have met Neidhart before and he is not a party member, another event will occur where Neidhart defeats the dragon knight. In that case, the battle with “Minion" will not occur and you cannot obtain the Mirsa’s Armor. If your main character is Albert or Aisha, you always end up meeting Neidhart. If so, he is in your party, he never fight against the Dragon Knight.

  1. After completing the quest “The Dragon Knight," go to the Drachenvale again with four or fewer party members.
  2. A battle with “Minion" occurs in the Dragon’s Court.
  3. After winning the battle, you will obtain a Jewel.
  4. Check the armor to obtain the Mirsa’s Armor.


How to glimmer the Dragon’s Eye (Sif Only)

If Sif is the main character, she will fight against the Silver Dragon after completing the quest “The Dragon Knight." Afterwards, the “Dragon’s eye" that Sif possesses will regain its glimmer and become a powerful accessory.


Neidhart will defeat the Dragon Knight after this event “Dragon’s eye" if Sif has met him before and he is not in her party.