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Warning: contains spoilers

The article contains spoilers of Romancing Saga Minstrel Song Remastered.

Ancient Texts

Progression Rank
Requirement Prior to this quest, you finish the quest “Free the Gecklings."
Rewards Ancient Texts
Amut’s Medallion
Eres’s Medallion
Note If the other quest “Creepy Butterfly" is occurring, this quest cannot proceed during the quest.
  1. Head to Geckling Village and speak to the villagers regarding the Ancient Texts.
  2. Proceed to Uso and recruit Hawke, which will obtain the ancient texts.
  3. Visit the Imperial Library in Melvir.
  4. Locate the section dedicated to ancient language dictionaries within the library.
  5. Search for all 5 words in the ancient language and receive a Jewel as a reward.
  6. Travel to North Estamir.
  7. Talk to the priest in the Temple of Amut. Receive Amut’s Medallion and receive Jewels as a reward
  8. Journey to Cyril the forest, a location situated north of the Eule’s Nest, in the Mazewood.
  9. If your Progression Rank is more than 9, an event will initiate. When night falls, enter the tree.
  10. Obtain the Eres’s Medallion and Jewels.

This quest, titled “Ancient Texts," becomes available after completing the “Free the Gecklings" quest. Before starting this quest, make sure to remove Hawke from your party. Having Hawke in the group will incur a cost of 10,000 Gold to obtain the ancient texts.