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Warning: contains spoilers

The article contains spoilers of Romancing Saga Minstrel Song Remastered.

Water Dragon Rite

Progression Rank 10-
Requirement If Jamil is a main character, you have to finish the quest “Wuhan’s Secret."
Rewards Wisteria
Battle Mage Armor
5000 Gold
  1. Enter the Pub in South Estamir.
  2. Talk to the master of the South Estamir Pub. After that, talk to the man at the counter.
  3. Receive a quest from Wuhan.
  4. Talk to the man in front of the pharmacy in Tarmitta.
  5. After that, stay at the inn. You will be able to move at night, so go directly to Sekhet Palace in the town.
  6. Fight the boss at the back of the palace.
  7. After defeating the boss, talk with the guard and leave the room.
  8. Go to Lake Malar.
  9. Take a boat and enter the Water Dragon Temple.
  10. Enter Strom’s Den, and an event will occur. You will fight with the boss.
  11. Talk with Strom. This quest can be completed by defeating Strom or by completing another quest from Strom, “The Raincloud Armlet". If you defeat Strom, you will get Mirror Shield, but you will not get Water Spirit.
  12. Select “How selfish!" and accept another quest “The Raincloud Armlet."