DQ3 Xenlon (Superboss) – Dragon Quest 3


DQ3 Xenlon - Dragon Quest 3


Warning: contains spoilers

The article contains spoilers of the Dragon Quest 3. We explain how to defeat “Superboss” Xenlon in this page.


You can watch the superboss battle in this video.



HP 7,300
MP 255
Attack 400
Defense 350
Agility 255



Attack Pattern

Normal Attack Xenlon’s attack is 400, severe.
Bite Deals around 150 physical damages to one member
Crash Down Normal attack to all members.
Blazing Fire Deals around 150 fire-elemental damages to all members
C-c-Cold Breath Deals around 120 ice-elemental damages to all members
Kaboom Deals around 70 damages to all members
Kacracle Deals around 60 damages to all members
Glare balefully Inflicts sleep to one member.
Disruptive wave of energy Dispels all effective spells to all members and Xenlon

The superboss, Xenlon, attacks one or two times randomly. We cannot know which attack it chooses in advance. All Xenlon’s spells, skills, and attacks are so severe. Xenlon breathes out a c-c-cold breath and blazing fire. Xenlon can use a Kacrackle and Kaboom spell. Also, the superboss can fire a disruptive wave of energy to dispel all effective spells. We cannot prevent from its glare. That means one of the party members gets sleep definitely if Xenlon uses the skill.




Equip Dragon Shield, Dragon Robe, and Shimmering Dress before the battle. Kafrizzle is an effective way to damage Xenlon. I recommend you learn the spell. It is good that your attack is over 350. You can damage around 80 when your attack is 350. Use Sage’s stone to recover all-party members’ HP every turn. You must have two stones. Cast Cock-A-Doodle-Doo if Xenlon inflicts sleep on one of the party members.


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