DQ3 Warrior – Dragon Quest 3


DQ3 Warrior - Dragon Quest 3

You can create warrior at the Patty’s party planning place. You can choose a lot of equipment if you create females.


A warrior cannot cast any spells. However, a warrior is the highest HP and resilience character. You should put a warrior party in front. Any warrior’s equipment costs a lot, but a warrior is helpful for a party. It is better to buy equipment for a warrior.


Recommended Weapon

  • Steel Broadsword
  • Orochi’s Sword
  • Zombiesbane
  • Thunderbolt Blade
  • Stormlord’s Sword
  • Headsman’s Axe


Recommended Armour

  • Iron Armour
  • Magic Armour
  • Dragon Mail
  • Spiked Armour


Recommended Shield

  • Magic Shield
  • Dragon Shield
  • Power Shield
  • Ogre Shield


Recommended Headgear

  • Iron Helmet
  • Iron Mask
  • Great Helm


Recommended Personality

  • Tough Cookie
  • Paragon
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DQ3 Warrior - Dragon Quest 3

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