2. Romaria – Asham – Isis (Dragon Quest 3 – Walkthrough) [DQ3]


2. Romaria - Asham - Isis (Dragon Quest 3 - Walkthrough) [DQ3]

It is tough to go to Asham and Isis before leveling up. However, if you get a magic key in the Pyramid, you can buy a Spiked Steel Whip and Magic Shield. It is easier to level members up if you buy them.


If you cannot get through the cave or tower, you need to level up. You should not refer to the party members’ levels on the video. Because they are too low.



1. Go to Romaria Castle.
2. Talk to the king.
3. Go out of the castle.



Asham & Isis

1. Go east and across the bridge and then go south.
2. Go to Asham Town.
3. Go out of the town.
4. Go west and go southwest when you enter the desert.
5. Go to the lake in the desert. That is the Isis castle.
6. Obtain a Meteorite Bracer on Isis castle basement floor.
7. Go out of the oasis.




1. Go north from the oasis and enter the Pyramid.
2. Push buttons in the correct order on the second floor.
3. Obtain the Magic key.
4. Go out of the Pyramid and go back to Romaria.

Map – Pyramid


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