6. Green Orb, Red Orb (Dragon Quest 3 – Walkthrough) [DQ3]


After getting your ship, you need to find six orbs. We must use orbs to go to the Baramos castle. Get the Ultimate key at first, and then let’s find orbs.


You needn’t fight against any bosses here.

After getting a ship optional


Green Orb

1. Go South from Portoga on the ship.
2. Enter the village of Theddon at night.
3. Open the cell using the ultimate key.
4. Talk to the man in jail and receive the Green Orb.



Red Orb

1. Go west from the village of Theddon on the ship.
2. Enter the hideout of a pirate.
3. Move the rock by the east of the hideout.
4. Check the ground and then find the downstairs.
5. Open the treasure chest and get the red orb.

After getting a ship optional


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