1. Aliahan (Dragon Quest 3 – Walkthrough) [DQ3]


1. Aliahan (Dragon Quest 3 - Walkthrough) [DQ3]

Let’s start your adventure! Enter the hero’s name and answer the first questions.


If you cannot get through the cave or tower, you need to level up. You should not refer to the party members’ levels on the video. Because they are too low.



1. Talk to the hero’s mother after answering the first questions.
2. Go in front of the castle with the hero’s mother.
3. Go into the castle and talk to the king.
4. After talking, you should create the other party members at the patty’s party planning place. The place is the north of the hero’s house.



Najimi Tower

1. Go to the west cave of the Aliahan.
2. Go through the underground and go up the Najimi Tower.
3. Talk to the old man on the top floor and obtain the thief’s key.

Map – Najimi Tower



1. Go to the Reeve village.
2. Talk to the old man in the house at the northeast of the village and receive a wrecking ball.



Go out of the Aliahan island

1. Go to the spring at the east of the Aliahan island.
2. Go down the cave.
3. Move in front of the wall between statues and use a wrecking ball.
4. Go through the cave and step on the travel door.
5. After warp, go out of the field.

Map – East cave of Aliahan


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