[DQ3] Orochi – Dragon Quest 3



Warning: contains spoilers

The article contains spoilers of the Dragon Quest 3. We explain how to defeat Orochi on this page.


You can fight Orochi in the cave near Jipang. The cave is not long, but you need to defeat Orochi twice. So, conserve MP in this cave. We recommend your party member’s level is over 21 and join Mage, Priest, or Sage in your party. It would be better if you buy a dragon shield at Manoza in advance. The shield weakens the fire and flame damages.


1st round

Orochi attacks normally or spits out a fiery torrent of flame. The flame causes from 30 to 40 damages to all party members. Also, Orochi sometimes attacks twice. Be careful that Orochi spits out the flame twice in succession.

Mage casts Kabaff and Oomph. Priest casts Midheal if necessary. Sap and Dazzle take effect to Orochi. So, if your priest does not need to recover party member’s HP, your priest should cast Sap and Dazzle. The rest of the party members attack Orochi. The Orochi’s HP is 1800.

You can get Orochi’s Sword from Orochi. Be sure to go enter the warp after the battle.



2nd round

After entering the warp, you will arrive in the Pimiko’s house of Jipang. The 2nd round starts when you talk to Pimiko. Recover your party member’s HP before that.

In the second round, Orochi attacks twice definitely. Orochi’s max HP increases and is 2000, but Orochi weakens. Its attack patterns are to attack normally and to spit out a fiery torrent of flame and to breath fire. The fire takes damages from 6 to 10 to all party members.

No need to change the way of attacking Orochi in the second round. The mage uses Kabuff and Oomph. The priest uses Sap and Dazzle. Not to mention, priest casts Midheal if you need. When you use Orochi’s sword, you sometimes can decrease Orochi’s defense. The rest of the party member attacks Orochi.


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