[DQ3] Boss Troll – Dragon Quest 3



Warning: contains spoilers

The article contains spoilers of the Dragon Quest 3. We explain how to defeat Boss Troll on this page.

Boss Troll

The troll transforms himself into the king of Mendoza. So, when you use Ra’s mirror at night to reveal the truth of his appearance, you can fight the boss troll. We recommend that your party members’ level is over 21.

The boss troll always attacks twice. His HP is 1500. The attack is high. He sometimes cast Kasap. Also, he rarely attacks a critical hit. The critical hit’s damage is around 180.

Fizzle sometimes takes effect so your priest or the hero casts it first to prevent the troll from casting Kasap. Plus, your mage casts Kabuff to raise all party member’s defense. If your mage can cast Oomph, your mage uses it after raising all members’ defense. The rest of the party members attack the troll. Sap your Priest learns at around 8 level sometimes takes effect. Be careful that the critical hit of this game ignores your defense.


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