DQ3 Gadabout – Dragon Quest 3


DQ3 Gadabout - Dragon Quest 3

You can create warrior at the Patty’s party planning place. You can choose a lot of equipment if you create females.



A gadabout sometimes plays around during the battle. The more a gadabout levels up, the more a gadabout plays around. A gadabout is of low status and cannot equip a lot of weapons and armours.

However, a whistle is a useful skill. Plus, a gadabout can change a sage class at 20 levels. You might want to create a gadabout to change a sage.



Lv Skill Effect MP
13 Whistle Attracts the attention of nearby monsters 0


Recommended Weapon

  • Boomerang
  • Edged Boomerang
  • Flametang Boomerang
  • Dragontail Whip
  • Gringham Whip


Recommended Armour

  • Cloak of Evasion
  • Cat Suit
  • Dark Robe


Recommended Shield

  • Magic Shield


Recommended Headgear

  • Pointy Hat


Recommended Personality

  • Tough Cookie
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DQ3 Gadabout - Dragon Quest 3

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