DQ3 Mage – Dragon Quest 3


DQ3 Mage - Dragon Quest 3

You can create warrior at the Patty’s party planning place. You can choose a lot of equipment if you create females.


A mage is a specialist in attack spells. A mage learns a lot of attack and support spells. The HP of the mage is the lowest of all classes. Be careful not to be killed. The Mage’s best position is at the very back.



Lv Spell Effect MP
1 Frizz Light Fire Damage to one foe 2
4 Buff Raises one ally’s defense 3
5 Crack Light Ice Damage to one foe 3
7 Sizz Light Fire Damage to one group 4
9 Evac Allows the party to exist from dungeon 8
9 Kabuff Raises all ally7s defense 4
11 Bang Damages all foes with a small explosion 5
12 Decelerate Reduces the agility of one group 3
12 Zoom Allows the party to return to certain places you have visited before 1
14 Sizzle Medium Fire Damage to one group 6
15 Drain Magic Steals MP from one foe 0
17 Frizzle Medium Fire Damage to one foe 6
18 Peep Reveals the nature of a treasure chest’s contents 3
19 Safe Passage Allows the party to float unharmed over hazardous surface 2
20 Crackle Medium Ice Damage to one group 6
21 Oomph Increases one ally’s attack power 6
22 Whack Sends one foe to the hereafter 7
24 Bounce Forms a barrier that reflects the spells of allies and foes alike 8
25 Tick-Tock Turn day into night, and vice-versa 12
26 Kacrack Medium Ice Damage to all foes 9
27 Fuddle Sends one foe into a status of confusion 5
29 Kasizzle Heavy Fire Damage to one group 12
30 Sheen Lifts a curse from one allay 18
32 Kacrackle Heavy Ice Damage to one group 12
33 Fade Make the party invisible for a while 15
34 Puff! Transform into a fire-breathing dragon 24
35 Click Opens locked doors 0
36 Kafrizzle Heavy Fire Damage to 1 foe 12
37 Morph Take on the form of an ally 12
38 Kaboom Blasts all foes with an incredibly violent explosion 18
40 Hocus Pocus Take a chance with Lady Luck! Only she knows what will happen. 20


Recommended Weapon

  • Poison Needle
  • Boomerang
  • Edged Boomerang
  • Lightning Staff
  • Flametang Boomerang


Recommended Armour

  • Cloak of Evasion
  • Flowing Dress
  • Dragon Robe


Recommended Shield

  • Magic Shield


Recommended Headgear

  • Mad Cap
  • Mythril Helm


Recommended Personality

  • Tough Cookie
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DQ3 Mage - Dragon Quest 3

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