DQ3 Hero – Dragon Quest 3


DQ3 Hero - Dragon Quest 3

There is only one person “hero” in the dragon quest 3 world. You cannot drop off the hero. You can choose a lot of equipment if you create females.


Hero’s ability is above average. Especially, the hero gets stronger resilience and strength. Also, the hero can cast healing and attacking spells. The hero plays a role for attacker and healer. The hero can equip a lot of weapons and armours.

After ending, you can drop off the hero at the Patty’s party planning place.



Lv Spell Effect MP
2 Frizz Light Fire Damage to one foe 2
4 Heal Slightly restores one ally’s HP. 3
6 Poof Can make one group disappear 2
7 Zoom Allows the party to return to certain places you have visited before 1
10 Sizz Light Fire Damage to one group 4
12 Clang Turns all allies into iron statues. All allies take no damages while turning iron statues. 6
14 Evac Allows the party to exist from dungeon 8
16 Snooze Puts one group to sleep 3
18 Fizzle Prevents one group from using magic 3
19 Holy Protection Keeps weaker foes at bay while the party travel 4
23 Sizzle Medium Fire Damage to one group 6
26 Zap Medium Electric Damage to 1 foe 8
29 Midheal Moderately restores one ally’s HP. 5
31 Whack Sends one foe to the hereafter 7
33 Fullheal Fully restores one ally’s HP 7
35 Zing Attempt a fifty percent chance to revives a fallen ally. 10
38 Omniheal Fully restores party’s HP. 62
41 Kazap Heavy Electric Damage to all foes 30


Recommended Weapons

  • Boomerang
  • Edged Boomerang
  • Spiked Steel Whip
  • Flametang Boomerang
  • Thunderbolt Blade
  • Sword of King


Recommended Armor

  • Iron Armour
  • Magic Armour
  • Dragon Mail
  • Auroral Armour


Recommended Shields

  • Magic Shield
  • Dragon Shield
  • Hero’s Shield


Recommended Headgears

  • Iron Helmet
  • Ortega’s Helm
  • Great Helm


Recommended Personalities

  • Tough Cookie
  • Vamp
  • Paragon
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DQ3 Hero - Dragon Quest 3

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