DQ3 Priest – Dragon Quest 3


DQ3 Priest - Dragon Quest 3

You can create warrior at the Patty’s party planning place. You can choose a lot of equipment if you create females.


A priest is a specialist of a heal. Also, a priest can use support and attack spells. However, a priest’s HP is not high, so be careful not to die. At first, you might want to enter a priest into your party.



Lv Spell Effect MP
1 Heal Slightly restores one ally’s HP. 3
2 Poof Can make one group disappear 2
5 Acceleratle Raises party’s agility 3
7 Dazzle Envelops one group in illusions 4
8 Sap Reduces the defense of one foe 3
9 Snooze Puts one group to sleep 3
11 Squelch Cures 1 ally of the effects of poison 3
12 Woosh Light Wind Damage to one group 4
13 Fizzle Prevents one group from using magic 3
14 Midheal Moderately restores one ally’s HP. 5
15 Tingle Cures one ally of the effects of paralysis 6
16 Cock-A-Doodle-Doo Cures all allies of the effects of sleep 3
18 Kasap Reduces one group’s defense 4
20 Blasto Send one foe flying off into the distance 7
22 Whack Sends one foe to the hereafter 7
24 Zing Attempt a fifty percent chance to revives a fallen ally. 10
26 Swoosh Medium Wind Damage to one group 6
28 Thwack Sends one group to the hereafter 7
30 Fullheal Fully restores one ally’s HP 7
32 Insulatle Forms a barrier that protects all allies from fire- and ice-based attacks 6
34 Multiheal Moderately restores party’s HP. 18
36 Kaswoosh Heavy Wind Damage to one group 9
38 Kazing Revives a fallen ally with full HP. 20
41 Kamikazee Sacrifices your life to destroy all enemies 1


Recommended Weapon

  • Iron Lance
  • Morning Star
  • Zombiesbane


Recommended Armour

  • Magical Robes
  • Magic Armour
  • Dragon Robe


Recommended Shield

  • Magic Shield
  • Silver Shield


Recommended Headgear

  • Mad Cap
  • Pointy Hat
  • Mythril Helm


Recommended Personality

  • Tough Cookie
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DQ3 Priest - Dragon Quest 3

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