After getting your ship (Dragon Quest 3 – Walkthrough) [DQ3] ※ Optional


Why don’t you go to these places after getting your ship? You can get a useful weapon and headgear such as the Ortega’s helm and lightning staff. Even if you do not go these places, you can defeat Baramos. These places are optional.


We explain these places as below.

  • Alltrades Abbey
  • Tower of Transcendence
  • Mur
  • Yggdrasil Leaf
  • Tall Tower
  • Lozamii
  • Persistence


Alltrades Abbey

The Alltrades Abby is located northeast of Baharata. You can change jobs there if party members’ level is over 20. If they are going to change a job to a sage, you need a “word of wisdom.”



Tower of Transcendence

The tower is located north of the Alltrades Abby. You can defeat Baramos even if you do not go to the tower. Let’s get the “Words of Wisdom” and change a job to a sage.

Map – Tower of Transcendence



The village of Mur is located north of Jipang. You can defeat Baramos even if you do not go to the village. After enter the village, go upstairs in back of the village and talk to all people. And then, you can receive the Ortega’s helm. The hero can only equip the helm.



Yggdrasil Leaf

The Yggdrasil Leaf is an item to resurrect an ally. You can get the leaf at that above point. Be careful you can pick only one up at a time. If you use it, you lose it. After losing it, you can obtain it on the same place again.


Tall Tower / Tower of Arp

The tall tower is located east of Mur. You can get the echo flute at the tower. The echo flute is to check where an orb is. If you play the flute when in the presence of an Orb, you will hear an echo in response. You don’t need the flute because you see this Dragon Quest 3 walkthrough website now.

Map – Tower of Arp



Lozamii is located southeast of the world. You can get a mini medal at the village.




There is village of Persistence at the northeast of the world. You can pick up the lightning staff on the ground in front of the well. You can use spell sizzle at no cost when you use it at the battle.


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