Final Fantasy V Pixel Remaster Low Level Challenge 1


I’ll explain how to defeat the bosses with low levels.



Bartz 2
Lenna 1
Galuf 1
Faris 3

・Frost Rod
・Goblin Punch



Firstly, do not defeat the other monsters besides the two goblins’ battle. After getting the Syldra’s ship, go to the Wind Shrine directly. No need to stop by the town.



Wing Raptor

HP 250

Attack normally. That’s all. When the raptor closes the wings, stop attacking it.


After the battle

Learn Goblin Punch before going to the canal. You can learn the punch from a goblin. Change jobs to blue mage firstly. Meet just one goblin and wait for the punch. You need to defeat the goblin after using the punch. It is also good that you open the treasure chest in Tule town to meet a goblin. The goblin punch that costs zero MP is useful blue magic. The punch will become eight times power if a blue mage that uses the punch is the same as the enemy. The punch seems to attack physically, but it is not correct. It is a magical attack in this game.




HP 600
Weakness Thunder

Let’s change jobs to a black mage. Buy thunder at the first town. Use the thunder magic during the boss battle. You can defeat the boss if you hit thunder magic to it six times.




HP 900
Weakness Fire (Undead)

Let Bartz change the job to a blue mage before the battle. His level is two if you do not defeat the monsters. Any jobs are okay for the other party members.

Use goblin punch to Siren. His goblin punch takes 240 damages to the boss. You can defeat it using the punch four times.


After the battle

Learn abilities. You can meet a Garula these above points. It flees after some time, but you can get 1 ABP only. You don’t need to defeat it. Meet it only. The abilities of the below list are more helpful to end this game with low levels.

Want List

・Black Magic Lv.2
・White Magic Lv.2

Exp 0



Magissa & Forza

HP 650
Weakness Silence
HP 850
Weakness Sleep

There are two ways to defeat them mainly with low levels. It is the easiest way that you just use a frost rod in the battle. The rod lies in the box in Carwen. Anyway, I’ll explain the other way.

Firstly, use silence magic to Magissa. Then, attack her. Be careful the effect of Silence magic wears off in three turns. Secondly, she calls Forza when you take some damages to her. Use sleep to him immediately. Focus on defeating Magissa at first. After defeating her, use goblin punch only to Forza. If you attack him normally, his sleep will wear off. But if you use a goblin punch, he won’t wake up. Defeat him not to wake up using magics like a goblin punch. It is a more effective way that a blue mage equips a long sword here.




HP 1200

I think that Faris’s level is three. So let her change a blue mage and use Goblin punch. Garula’s level is the same as hers. You can defeat it after using the punch three times.

In the SNES version, its weaknesses are paralysis and toad.




After the battle of Siren, you might want to learn some abilities for beating this game with low levels.

Don’t forget to get Elven mantle on the basement floor of the Castle Walse.