Blowing up Dreadnought (Final Fantasy 2 Pixel Remaster – Walkthrough 3)


FF2 Chocobo

Warning: contains spoilers

This is a Final Fantasy II Pixel Remaster walkthrough article.


Josef and Gordon are not so powerful. Both cannot use any magic. While Minwu is being in your party, you should level up your party. At least, it is good that your party member’s HP is over 500 and each weapon and magic skill over 4. Especially, the blizzard magic is useful.



FF2 Josef

  1. Go to Salamand
  2. Talk to Josef and ask “Goddess’ Bell,” and then Josef join the party
  3. Go to Samitt Falls to get the snow-craft.
PointThere is no need for you to level Josef up.


Semitt Falls

  1. Check the wall at the upper-right of the blue rock. See the above image.
  2. Obtain the snowcraft in the treasure chest in the hidden room.
  3. Go out of the cave.
  4. Go north from the Semitt Falls. You can see the entrance of the snowfield.
  5. Go east on the snowfield.



Snow Cavern

  1. Enter the snow cavern. You can go there if you have the snow-craft
  2. Go down the cavern
  3. On the fifth basement floor, there are some beavers in the southeast room. Talk to the beaver that does not move to the northwest of the room.
  4. Go through the hidden path.
  5. There is an Adamantoise in front of the Goddess’s Bell. Defeat it
  6. Obtain the Goddess’s Bell
PointThe blizzard magic affects Adamantoise easily. Use an antarctic wind if you cannot use the magic.



FF2 Borghen

  1. Enter the door in the back of the Goddess’s bell, and then you can go to the first basement floor.
  2. Defeat Borghen on the first basement floor.
  3. After that, the event happens.
  4. Go to Kashuan Keep. The castle is located at the south of Bask town.
PointBorgen is so weak. No problem.


Kashuan Keep

  1. Enter Kashuan Keep.
  2. Use Goddess’s Bell in front of the door on the first floor.
  3. Enter the door and talk to Gordon. And then, he joins the party.
  4. Go up the castle.
  5. On the fourth floor, Red Soul defends Egil’s Torch. Defeat it.
  6. After defeating, obtain Egil’s Torch.
PointLet Gordon learn cure and stand back.


Egil’s Torch & Sunfire

FF2 Sunfire

  1. Go down the castle. Using Teleport magic is the best choice.
  2. There is Sunfire on the first floor. Use Egil’s Torch in front of the fire to obtain it.
  3. When going out of the castle, an event happened.
  4. Go back to Altair.
PointIf you cannot use Teleport magic, just go down the castle.



FF2 Dreadnought

  1. Go to Dreadnought, located at the north of Fynn castle.
  2. Enter Dreadnought and talk to Captain. Use Pass, or Defeat him.
  3. Save Hilda and Cid on the second floor.
  4. To blow up the Dreadnought, go to the engine room on the first floor.
  5. Use Sunfire in front of the engine, and then an event happens.
  6. Go back to Altair.
PointMake sure to obtain a sleep blade. See the below image.


FF2 Dreadnought



Gordon & King of Fynn

FF2 King Death

  1. Talk to King of Fynn, and Gordon leaves the party.
  2. Talk to Gordon and learn Dragoons.
  3. Ask Dragoons to Gordon and learn Wyverns.
  4. Go to Ploom town

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