Deist and Coliseum (Final Fantasy 2 Pixel Remaster – Walkthrough 4)


Warning: contains spoilers

This is a Final Fantasy II Pixel Remaster walkthrough article.


Your party’s HP should be over 800. Plus, it is good that each weapon skill level is at least six.



FF2 Paloom

  1. Talk to the sailor at the entrance of the town
  2. Get on the ship located at the northeast of the town
  3. Defeat eight pirates
  4. Leila joins the party and you can get the ship.
  5. Go to Deist lies northeast of the world.
PointPirates are so weak. No problem.


Castle Deist

  1. Enter the castle.
  2. Talk to the child.
  3. Talk to his mother on the second floor and ask wyverns
  4. Talk to the last surviving wyvern
PointThe child’s name is Kain. His mother name is Elina.



  1. Go to the Deist cavern lies north of the castle
  2. Enter the cavern.
  3. Go east and go down the stairs to the second basement floor.
  4. Check the helmet on the ground and obtain Pendant.
  5. Go back to the castle Deist
PointYou can talk to wyverns if you bring a pendant.



  1. Talk to the wyvern in the castle and ask wyverns.
  2. Receive wyvern egg
  3. Go to the cavern again



Wyvern Egg

  1. Enter the cavern.
  2. Go down to the fifth basement floor.
  3. Defeat Chimera
  4. Use wyvern egg to sink it in the life spring on the fifth basement floor.
  5. Go back to the castle
  6. Talk to the woman on the second floor.
  7. Go back to Altair




  1. Enter the hideout and go to the east room.
  2. Talk to Hilda
  3. Defeat Lamia Queen
  4. Leila leaves the party, and Gordon joins again.
PointLamia Queen rarely drops Ribbon. The ribbon is the most useful headgear of the final fantasy 2. If the lamia queen does not drop it, you might want to restart the game until she drops the ribbon.



FF2 Coliseum

  1. Go to Coliseum.
  2. Defeat Behemoth
  3. The emperor commits the party to the prison.
  4. Paul saves the party.
  5. Save Hilda in the other prison, and Gordon leaves the party.
  6. Go out of the coliseum
  7. Go back to Altair
PointThere is no need for you to level Gordon up. It is a good idea that he equips the sleep blade.

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