Keywords – Final Fantasy 2 Pixel Remaster


FF2 Jade

This is the key term list of the Final Fantasy 2 pixel remaster version.

Key Terms

Wild Rose The insignia of the Kingdom of Fynn. The rebels also use it as their password.
Mythril A magical metal. Josef of Salamand has been searching for its source.
Airship A vessel build by Cid of Poft.
Dreadnought A massive, heavily amed airship under construction in Bafsk.
Sunfire The symbol of Kashuan. Its flame still burns on the ground floor of the keep.
Goddess’ Bell The key to the gates of Kashuan Keep
Dragoons Dragon knights of Deist. They can speak the tongue of the wyverns.
Wyverns Flying dragoons that fight as a unit with the dragoons.
Mask An artifact used to enter the Mysidian Tower. Two masks are needed to break the seal.
Ekmet Teloess An incantation that opens a door leading underground.
Mysidia A land found on a continent far to the south. Books filled with the secrets of this world can be found there.
Ultima Tome A book containing the ultimate magic. It is said the magic will be released when the world is in peril. It lies enshrined within the Mysidian Tower.
Cyclone A storm controlled by the emperor’s magic.
Palamecia The domain of the emperor. He rules from Castle Palamecia, a stronghold far to the south of Kashuan.
Jade Passege The passage by which the beasts of Hell are said to have entered the world.