FF6 Low Level Guide 5 – Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster


I’ll explain how low-level party members defeat the bosses.



Cyan 7
Shadow 7
Mog 9
Relm 7
Celes 7



You can buy some shadow scrolls in the Jidoor’s weapon shop. Throwing the scroll grants image status to Shadow. Image status is effective during the Ultima Weapon Battle.

Flame, Thunder, and Ice rods are not sold after the destruction of the world. So, I highly recommend you buy these rods as much as possible. These rods are sold at Thamasa.


Ultima Weapon

Name Ultima Weapon
Location Floating Continent
HP 24,000
MP 5,000
Skill (HP 24000 – 12801)
・Normal Attack

(HP 12800 – 6145)
・Normal Attack
・Full Power
・Fira to all
・Mind Blast
・Flare Star

(HP 6144 – 1)
・Normal Attack

Automatic Status Effect Float
Weakness Slow

Ultima Weapon will die when its MP reaches 0. Equip Reflect Rings to everyone and Use Rasp or Osmose. Let high magic members such as Relm, Strago, Celes, and Terra use Rasp or Osmose.

Firstly, Slow is vulnerable to Ultima Weapon so use Slow magic. Also, use Zona Seeker to grant Shell to all party members. When we’re low-level, Blaze is a too dangerous attack for us. Mog is often not K.O, even if Blaze hits it. We hope that the rest of the party members prevent Blaze with a shield. Shadow can avoid its normal attack by throwing a shadow scroll. He keeps granting image status to himself. Plus, let him standby and await commands just in case during the battle. The rest of the party members continue using Rasp or Osmose. Ultima Weapon’s MP is 5,000.




Name Nelapa
Location Floating Continent
HP 2800
MP 280
Skill ・Normal Attack (Partisan)
・Doom (All)
Automatic Status Effect Float
Weakness Ice
Instant Death

Nelapa has Reflect, so don’t use magic on it directly. It starts by using Doom to all arty members at first. You don’t need to panic. Its HP is just 2800 only. It is the easiest way to use Ice or Thunder Rod twice. Using elemental rods do not bounce any magic.

Also, it is effective to use Rasp or Osmose. All members equip Reflect Rings in advance. Use Death if you already learned the magic.