Achievements – Final Fantasy 2 Pixel Remaster


This is the achievement list of the Final Fantasy II Pixel Remaster version.


Password: Wild Rose The rebelion commenced against the Palamecian Empire.
Empire’s Blitz The empire destroyed numerous towns with the Dreadnought.
Counterattack Blew up the Dreadnought.
A Pirate’s Mate Obtained a ship from the pirate Leira.
Rebel Victory Defeated Commander Gottos and reclaimed Castle Fynn.
Last Dragoon Became allies with Ricard the Dragoon.
Birth of a Wyvern Hatched the last wyvern egg.
New Palamecia The Dark knight ascended the emperor’s throne.
Allied Offensive Past allies joined the rebel army.
War’s End Defeated the empeor and restored peace to the world.
Sword of Myth Obtained Excalibur.
Memory Lane Learned all passwords.
Apprentice Warrior Defeated 100 monsters.
Experienced Warrior Defeated 300 monsters.
Legendary Warrior Defeated 500 monsters.
Field Research- Basic Completed 10% of the Bestiary entries.
Field Research- Advanced Completed 50% of the Bestiary entries.
Field Research- Professional Completed 100% of the Bestiary entries.
Thrifty Spender Obtained 10,000 gil.
Smart Saver Obtained 50,000 gil.
Moneybags Obtained 100,000 gil.
Rookie Treasure Hunter Collected treasure from 10% of the chests.
Veteran Treasure Hunter Collected treasure from 50% of the chests.
Legendary Treasure Hunter Collected treasure from 100% of the chests.
Adventurous Wayfarer Traveled to all the map locations.
Weapon Tactics Leveled up one weapon type to skill level 16.
Magic Tactics Leveled up one magic spell to skill level 16.
Master of II Earned all achievemets.