White Magic – Final Fantasy 2 Pixel Remaster


This is the white magic list of the Final Fantasy II Pixel Remaster version.

White Magic

Spell Name Effect
Cure Restores HP.
Life Revives a KO’d ally.
Basuna Cures status ailments that wear off after battle.
Esuna Cures status ailments.
Barrier Raises a barrier to defend against elemental attacks and status ailment.
Blink Creates a double image, raising evasion.
Protect Creates a magic curtain, raising defense.
Shell Envelops the target in magic, raising magic defense.
Wall Forms a magic wall that guards against magic attacks.
Dispel Removes barriers that defend elemental attacks and status ailments.
Silence Inflicts silence.
Sap Reduces MP.
Fog Inflicts amnesia.
Swap Switches HP and MP with the target.
Fear Strikes fear in the target’s heart, making them more likely to flee.
Teleport Banishes the target to another dimension or transports the party out of dungeons using HP.
Slow Reduces the number of attacks when used in battle.
Mini Inflicts mini when used in battle.
Holy Deals holy damage.
Ultima The ultimate magic that was sealed away by the ancients. Causes lots of damage.