Yggdroid – Etrian Odyssey III HD

Yggdroid - Etrian Odyssey III HD

There are twelve classes in Etrian Odyssey III HD. I’ll show you Yggdroid among these classes.


Yggdroid is a humanoid weapon that can detach its head, arms, and legs to attack. Its skills are unique but potent; it is a front-line class with high stats except for AGI. However, its TP remain 60, and equipment options are limited, so the user needs support. it’s not available from the beginning and can only be obtained by completing a specific mission.



Skill Type Requirements Description
Sleep Mode Class It restores TP if bound.
Virus Scanner Passive It increases status ailment resistance.
Infravision Passive Accuracy and evasion is increased during the night.
Overheat Passive It increases ATK but causes HP loss each turn.
EM Barrier Passive Overheat Lv3 It may paralyze or counter volt attacks.
Data Mining Passive ATK and critical rate is increased for normal attacks.
Red Bot
Data Mining Lv1
It deploys a fire bot in an empty space that chases the fire attacks of all allies.
Blue Bot It deploys an ice bot in an empty space that chases the ice attacks of all allies.
Yellow Bot It deploys a volt bot in an empty space that chases the volt attacks of all allies.
Resupply Healing
Data Mining Lv3
It supplies energy to bots and recovers their HP.
All Out Attack It attacks one enemy with all deployed bots.
Reflector Support Resupply Lv3
All Out Lv3
It prevents attacks of the same element as a deployed bot and counter with that element.
Shoot Attack Resupply Lv5
All Out Lv5
It destroys all bots for an strong attack to one enemy. Damage increases with number and variety of bots deployed.
Defrag Healing It removes all binds on self.
Rocket Punch
Defrag Lv1
2 bash attacks on 1 enemy, binds arms.
Rocket Head It stab attack to all enemies, binds head.
Rocket Jump Support It avoids all attacks this turn, binds legs.
Core Dump Support Defrag Lv3 Completely binds self.
HP Cannon Attack Core Dump Lv5
Overheat Lv10
Strong untyped attack to one enemy if completely bound. Damage increases with lower HP.