Arbalist – Etrian Odyssey III HD


Arbalist - Etrian Odyssey III HD

There are twelve classes in Etrian Odyssey III HD. I’ll show you the Arbalist among these classes.


Arbalist is a class with high STR and LUC that can equip crossbows. It has skills available for both single and multiple attacks. While primarily a rearguard class, it can also serve as a vanguard depending on its skills. However, due to its low stats in everything except STR and LUC, it is important to consider its defensive capabilities and hit rate. Because crossbows are strong in this game, the Arbalist can be useful as a class that specializes in attack.



Skill Type Requirements Description
Giant Kill Class Arbalist skill empowering you when enemies have notably higher HP.
Proper Form Passive It employs especially careful aim, increasing all skills’ accuracy.
Extend Passive Proper Form Lv3 It recovers HP each time you defeat an enemy.
Pop Flares Support It detonates a flashbang to increase the aim of all allies for 3 turns.
Smoke Grenades Support It detonates a smoke bomb to blind all enemies.
Night Vision Passive Pop Flares Lv3
Smoke Grenade Lv3
Critical hit rate significantly increases during nighttime.
Ambush Search It increases chances of a first strike for a limited number of steps.
Bolt Mastery Mastery Prerequisite for crossbow skills that raises crossbow damage.
Heavy Shot Crossbow Bolt Mastery Lv1 Heavy arrows deal pierce damage to a single enemy.
Front Mortar Crossbow Heavy Shot Lv5 Pierce damage at one enemy. More effective from the front row.
Bolt Mastery Lv2
Wait, then pierce all enemies with status ailments.
Sharpshooter Wait, then pierce all enemies who are bound.
Strafe Crossbow Bolt Mastery Lv3 Rapid-fire arrows are shot across all enemies at random.
Fire Barrage
Bolt Mastery Lv5
Special gunpowder deals strike/fire damage to all enemies.
Ice Barrage Special gunpowder deals strike/ice damage to all enemies.
Volt Barrage Special gunpowder deals strike/volt damage to all enemies.
Armor Piercer Crossbow Bolt Mastery Lv7 Bolts deal pierce damage that ignores enemy enhancements.
Double Action Passive Front Mortar Lv4
Armor Piercer Lv4
When using skills targeting one enemy, number of hits may rise.
Cloudbuster Crossbow Bolt Mastery Lv10 Shoot a bolt into the sky, raining pierce damage next turn.