Shogun – Etrian Odyssey III HD

Shogun - Etrian Odyssey III HD

There are twelve classes in Etrian Odyssey III HD. I’ll show you Shogun among these classes.


Shogun is a formidable combat class that can wield two weapons at once. However, it’s not available from the beginning and can only be obtained by completing a specific mission. Shogun has high offensive power and a range of useful skills, but its low VIT and inability to equip armor make defense a concern.



Skill Type Requirements Description
Second Sword Class Shogun skill for dual-wielding that rises in power with each level.
Endure Passive May leave you with 1 HP after a fatal attack once per battle.
Bloody Lance Passive Endure Lv3 Your attack power increases each time you deal a final blow.
Morale Boost Passive When you are revived, all allies recover HP.
Kaishaku Passive Morale Boost Lv1
Endure Lv1
May terminate enemies and allies that fall below a certain HP.
Fusillade Assault Morale Boost Lv5 It orders all allies equipped with guns or crossbows to fire.
Blitz Command Assault Fusillade Lv3 It orders all allies to attack with their equipped weapons.
Retreat Escape It attempts to run with all you can muster for that turn.
Katana Mastery Mastery Prerequisite for sword skills. Sword damage increases.
Hilt Strike
Katana Mastery Lv1 A strike attack that uses the hilt. May stun.
Myoujou Katana Mastery Lv5 Slash attack on all enemies randomly. Stronger in sunlight.
Magatoki Katana Mastery Lv5 Slash attack on all enemies randomly. Stronger in moonlight.
5-Ring Sword Katana Mastery Lv10
Daifuhensha Lv3
Random slash damage at all enemies. Doubled with two swords.
Unified Spirit Support Endure Lv3 It concentrates for three turns to nullify bind effects.
Daifuhensha Support Endure Lv5 It increases attack and defense, but draws enemy attacks for 3 turns.
Fore Honor Support Morale Boost Lv3
It designates an attacker for 3 turns. The row gets ATK up, DEF down.
Rear Dignity Support Morale Boost Lv3
It designates a defender for 3 turns. The row gets DEF up, ATK down.
Ambush Stance Counter Fore Honor Lv3
Rear Dignity Lv3
It attacks against the designated row will be countered.
Warrior Might Special Unified Spirit Lv3
Bloody Lance Lv3
It sacrifices defense to perform follow up damage to most ally attacks.