Etrian Odyssey III HD: Meregho Saeno (F.O.E) Oceanic Quest 01


Etrian Odyssey III HD


Warning: contains spoilers

The article contains spoilers of Etrian Odyssey III HD.

Meregho Saeno

Oceanic Quest Skandalia Lighthouse
Name Meregho Saeno
HP 736
Weaknesses Ice (x 1.5)
Piercing (x 1.5)
Resistance Thunder (x 0.5)
Skill Normal Attack (Piercing)
Panic Claw (Cause slashing damage to a single target and may inflict confusion. This is used when the player’s HP is less than half.)

Godly Flash (Cause slashing damage to a single target. Fast action speed.)
Thunder Feather (Cause lightning damage to a row.)
Item Slashing Nail
Eastern Nest Rare
EXP 1,989

Meregho Saeno is an F.O.E. that can be fought in the Oceanic Quest after arriving at the Lighthouse. It is the best way to gain experience because you get more EXP than defeating enemies in the first stratum. The enemy’s high AGI makes it easy to be attacked first. When his HP is reduced to half, he starts using “Panic Claw", a confusion-added attack. Only one person can be confused. If you are confused, use Theriaca B to recover.

Meregho Saeno’s weaknesses are ice and piercing. Zodiacs with ice magic will be able to damage Meregho Saeno easily. Meregho Saeno is easily blinded. All binding and poison attacks are also effective. The venomous butterfly’s poison does a lot of damage.

Slashing Nail by Meregho Saeno is a sword material with confusion effect. You can also get rare items by defeating them with your arm bound. Why not try to bind the arm with Wilding’s great snake?