Etrian Odyssey III HD: Ketos (Boss) B8


Etrian Odyssey III HD


Warning: contains spoilers

The article contains spoilers of Etrian Odyssey III HD.


Floor B8
Name Ketos
HP 4,699
Weaknesses Fire (x 1.25)
Skill  Normal Attack
Freeze Ripple Legs Deals ice damage to the front row and attempts to bind legs.
Grand Berry Head Deals crushing damage to a single target.
Great Melody Head Attempts to inflict sleep to all party members.
Ocean Rave Head Deals heavy crushing damage to all party members. This skill has a low hit rate.
Spout Head Increase Keto’s evasion for five turn. Ketos will use this skill on the first turn and on multiples of 5 turns.
Item Whale Fumarole
Tough Membrane Rare

EXP 9,905

Ketos is the boss of the second stratum. Once you open the door to enter the large room on the 8th basement floor, you will immediately engage in a battle. Make sure to be prepared before opening the door.

The boss “Ketos" increases its evasion rate with the skill “Spout." It will do this in the first turn and in multiples of 5 turns. However, if you are dying, it will not use this skill “Spout." When Ketos employs this skill, it becomes more challenging for us to land our attacks and magic on the boss. If you have a Sovereign with the skill “Ad Nihilo," you can remove the effect of this skill.

Ocean Rave has a low hit rate, but it will hit if you are in a sleeping or foot-bound state. Since they will be killed by heavy damage or a single blow, be sure to heal their abnormal status before they use the Ocean Rave. Prepare tools such as Theriaca A, Theriaca B, and Monk’s Refresh and Unbind. It is also a good idea to use Sovereign’s Prevent Order on all party members in advance.

Ketos is weak to fire attribute attacks, making fire-based attacks highly effective. Utilize Zodiac’s Fire Star skill in combination with Etheric Charge to do significant damage. Keep in mind that the success rate of inflicting abnormal status or binding attacks against Ketos is low, so prioritize reducing the boss’s HP through direct damage.

Whale Fumarole is a material used for crafting guns, but you can obtain more powerful guns by exploring the 3rd Stratum. Some players may find it unnecessary to purchase it at this stage of the game. The rare item Tough Membrane, on the other hand, is a material exclusive to the Buccaneer class and is used for crafting exceptional armor. This armor represents the highest level of protection available to Buccaneers. Obtaining the Tough Membrane by defeating Ketos in a single turn can be challenging, especially during your first encounter. It is advisable to increase your level before attempting to fight again in order to improve your chances of obtaining this rare item.