Etrian Odyssey III HD: Mud Lurker (F.O.E) B9

Etrian Odyssey III HD


Warning: contains spoilers

The article contains spoilers of Etrian Odyssey III HD.

Mud Lurker

Floor B9
Name Mud Lurker
HP 2,800
Weaknesses Fire (x2.0)
Lightning (x2.0)
Resistance Crushing (x0.5)
Ice (x0.5)
Skill  Normal Attack
Guard Reduces the damage taken from any attack by approximately 0.7 from the moment of use until the end of the turn.
Worm Crack Head Inflicts piercing damage to all party members and has a high chance to inflict leg binds.
Mud Spit Head Inflicts piercing damage to all party members and has a high chance to inflict head binds.
Item Elastic Skin
EXP 7,120

This F.O.E. can be found on the 9th basement floor. It does not move at night.

The F.O.E.’s Mud Spit skill, which binds the head, can be quite troublesome. When your head is bound, you won’t be able to use recovery or attack magic. To remedy this, use the item Theriaca A to restore your bound to normal. Additionally, the Monk’s Unbind skill is an effective option for removing the bound.

This F.O.E. is particularly vulnerable to fire and lightning attacks. Utilizing Zodiac’s fire and lightning magic can deal significant damage to it. Combining the limit skill “Hellfire" with Etheric Charge is also a powerful strategy. Additionally, this F.O.E. can be instantly defeated, making Wilding’s Tiger or Ninja’s Kubikiri effective options.

The Elastic Skin, an item dropped by this F.O.E., can be used to create a powerful spear. This spear boasts high attack power and SPD, making it a good weapon for classes such as Hoplite and Wilding that specialize in spear combat. I recommend obtaining this item to enhance your party’s offensive capabilities.