Last Dungeon (Final Fantasy 2 Pixel Remaster – Walkthrough 7)


Warning: contains spoilers

This is a Final Fantasy II Pixel Remaster walkthrough article.


Evasion is the most important skill of Final Fantasy II. So, you should skill up your party member’s evasion. See this article “How to skill up evasion.” At least, it would be better if their evasion skill is over 8 × 99%.


Castle Palamecia

FF2 Palamecia

  1. Go to Castle Palamecia by airship
  2. Stand on the square tile in the room on the seventh floor and fall into a pit.
  3. Go up to Castle Paramecia from the first floor to the eighth floor.
  4. Talk to the new emperor
  5. An event happens
  6. Ricard leaves the party, and Leon joins the party
  7. Talk to Hilda and learn Jade Passage
  8. Go to Castle Deist and talk to the mom. And then obtain Excalibur.
PointLeon’s evasion skill is low. You might want to skill up his skill before going to Jade Passage.


Jade Passage

FF2 Jade Passage

  1. Go to Jade Passage located the east of the Mysidia
  2. Go down the passage
  3. On the sixth basement floor, stand on the warp
PointThere are a lot of useful items in the Pandaemonium. You should get all items.


FF2 Jade Passage Map


  1. Go up Pandaemonium after the warp.
  2. Defeat the emperor on the tenth floor.
  3. Ending
PointYou can save the data after the ending.