Mysidian Tower and Cyclone (Final Fantasy 2 Pixel Remaster – Walkthrough 6)


FF2 Cyclone

Warning: contains spoilers

This is a Final Fantasy II Pixel Remaster walkthrough article.


Before going to the Leviathan, you might want to skill up your party’s evasion. See this article if you don’t know how to skill up evasion.

How to skill up evasion



FF2 Leviathan

  1. On the inlet in front of the Mysidian Tower, the ship is swallowed by Leviathan.
  2. Leila leaves the party automatically.
  3. Go inside Leviathan’s stomach
  4. There are some people inside Leviathan’s stomach
  5. Show Ricard the crystal rod, and then he joins the party.
  6. Go forward, and you can see Roundworm standing in front of the ship.
  7. Defeat the Roundworm
  8. Get on the ship and go out of Leviathan
PointRicard has sword and spear skills. I recommend that he equips the sleep blade. It would be useful if you inflict sleep to an enemy.


Mysidian Tower

  1. Enter Mysidian Tower
  2. An event happens if you have a crystal rod.
  3. Go up the tower.
  4. There is a mage on the third floor. The mage transforms into Fire Gigas after the talk. Defeat it.
  5. There is a mage on the fifth floor. The mage transforms into Ice Gigas after the talk. Defeat it.
  6. There is a mage on the seventh floor. The mage transforms into Thunder Gigas after the talk. Defeat it.
  7. Minwu is waiting for you on the tenth floor.
  8. Talk to him, and then an event happens.
  9. Firstly, touch four silver crystals to increase all party members’ status, such as strength, spirit, intellect, and agility.
  10. After touching them all, check the gold crystal to obtain Ultima Tome.
  11. The warp appears after you get the tome. Stand on the warp to go out of the tower.
PointThe enemies in the tower are not so powerful. If you can easily defeat the enemies from Fynn to Mysidia, there is no problem.


Castle Fynn

  1. Talk to Hilda and learn Cyclone
  2. Ask Cyclone and wyverns to her
  3. Go to the Fynn town and see Paul.
  4. Ask Cyclone to him, and then he gives you items.
  5. Go back to the Castle Fynn
  6. Go up the west side stairs on the first floor and enter the room of the mirror on the third floor.
  7. Check the mirror and use the Pendant that you picked up in the Deist cavern before.
  8. The newborn wyvern comes to the room.
PointYou can get the Blood sword in Paul’s hidden room. The attack of the sword is zero. However, you can absorb an enemy’s HP if you attack it.



FF2 Cyclone

  1. Enter the Cyclone, and then the wyvern takes the party inside it.
  2. Go up inside the Cyclone
  3. Emperor is sitting on the throne on the seventh floor. Defeat it.
  4. After defeating, go back to Castle Fynn automatically.
PointThere are seven treasure chests inside the Cyclone. You can never go back there after defeating the emperor.


Castle Fynn

  1. Start banquet
  2. The new emperor, the Dark knight, has ascended.
  3. Talk to Hilda and learn Palamecia
  4. Ask Palamecia to her
  5. Talk to Gordon
  6. Ask Palamecia to him
  7. Go to Paul’s house at the southwest of the Fynn town
  8. Talk to Cid, and an event happens.
  9. Talk to Paul and ask Palamecia.
  10. Go to Post town and obtain the Airship

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