Final Fantasy 2 Pixel Remaster Review

I cleared the Final Fantasy II Pixel Remaster version recently. I totally forgot when I played this game before. I enjoyed the game.

Anyway, I am going to share with you about Final Fantasy II Pixel Remaster version.

Pros and Cons

I think that there are some pros and cons to this game.

  • Great Music
  • Beautiful Grafics
  • Bad Balance
  • High encounter rate
  • Tough bad status
  • Allows enemies to attack members on the back row



Great Music

I like the music of the Final Fantasy II. Especially, I feel great that the battle music and last dungeon.


Beautiful Graphics

The graphic is better than the NES version. You might feel so if you already know it. Some people might think it is old-fashioned.




Bad balance

You can defeat all bosses easily if you use berserk magic on the party members. I think that this game is necessary better designed.


High encounter rate

You might feel disgusted that you often see the enemies. At an early point of this game, enemies are not so powerful. However, at the last stage of this game, some enemies inflict bad status for members. I felt like it was inflicted on me while playing the game. The high encounter rate is so annoying.


Tough bad status

For example, the party member is petrified if the cockatrice attacks the member. Even if the coeurl attack’s damage is zero, the party member dies. Still, the party member inflicted sleep by enemies does not wake up, even if the enemy attacks on the member.

It will be tough to finish this game even if you do not level up evasion status in Final Fantasy II. Many enemies can inflict bad statuses such as sleep, confusion, petrification, and death, so you might want to level up an evasion and shield skill.


Allows enemies to attack members on the back row

Final Fantasy II of the NES version does not allow enemies to attack members on the back row. However, all enemies can attack both members in the front or back row on this pixel remaster version. 




Final Fantasy II is not bad, but it is not a wonderful game. I recommended playing this game for the person that played the Final Fantasy II NES version before.