Fynn and Mysidia (Final Fantasy 2 Pixel Remaster – Walkthrough 5)


FF2 Castle Fynn

Warning: contains spoilers

This is a Final Fantasy II Pixel Remaster walkthrough article.


From now on, some enemies inflict petrify, sleep, and any other bad status. You might want to buy items to cure them. I recommend you skill them up evasion.

You don’t need to level Gordon and Leila up. It is a good idea that they equip a sleep blade. The blade is lower attacks than the others, but it inflicts sleep into the enemy.


Rebel Camp

FF2 Camp

  1. Talk to Gordon
  2. Slip in the castle and kill the castellan.


Castle Fynn

  1. Enter the castle
  2. Leila joins the party again
  3. Go up to the fourth floor straight.
  4. Defeat Gottos in the throne room
PointYou should leave all treasure chests be. After defeating the enemy commander, you can get the items safely.


Basement Castle Fynn

  1. Talk to Hilda and learn Mysidia.
  2. Ask Mysidia to her and learn Masks.
  3. Ask Masks to her and learn “Ekmet Teloess.”
  4. Talk to Gordon.
  5. Ask Mysida to him and learn Ultima Tome
  6. Go to the house that lies southwest in the Fynn town.
  7. Talk to Paul, and ask “Ekmet Teloess.”
  8. Go back to the castle and rise on the fourth floor.
  9. Open the hidden path at the right of the throne.
  10. Go down the fifth basement floor.
  11. Obtain White Mask
  12. Go back to the castle and talk to Hilda.



  1. Go to Mysidia. See the below image.
  2. Use White Mask in front of the Goddess statue


Tropical Island

FF2 Tropical Island

  1. Go to the Tropical Island
  2. Go down the cave to the fifth basement floor
  3. Defeat Bighorns
  4. Obtain Black Mask


Cave of Mysidia

FF2 Cave of Mysidia

  1. Go to Cave of Mysidia
  2. Use Black Mask in front of the “Doppelganger.”
  3. Go down the cave to the fifth basement floor.
  4. Obtain Crystal rod
  5. Go to Mysidian Tower

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FF2 Cave of Mysidia