Steps to True Ending – Etrian Odyssey III HD


Etrian Odyssey III HD


Warning: contains spoilers

The article contains spoilers of Etrian Odyssey III HD.

Steps to True Ending

  1. When you arrive at the Deep Sea from the second layer, Olympia tells you not to talk about this place, so you promise not to.
  2. Go to the Lord Senate and tell them honestly that the Deep Sea exists.
  3. The mission to defeat the gatekeeper is split between Deep Sea and Armoroad, but you can choose either side.
  4. The mission to find the flowers of Armoroad and the mission to decipher the Deep Sea are separate, but you can choose either side.
  5. After completing the above missions, go to the Deep Sea with Armoroad and you will receive an empty jade arm and a piece of star sea from Kujra and Olympia.
  6. The mission to discover the relocation device is also split into two missions, but can be completed on either side.
  7. After completing this part, you will receive the key to the moon and be able to access the 5th layer.
  8. Report back on the mission for the relocation device and a new mission will become available, but you will not receive a mission on either side.
  9. Go to D4 “1-1” on the 10th floor and turn your viewpoint towards the wall to speak with the King of Fucabito.
  10. In your conversation with the King of Fucabito, select “can be a friend” to obtain the chalk offering and the seal of different seas.